Best Kitchenaid dish rack review 2020

Having done a review on simplehuman on the counter dish rack, next is the KitchenAid dish rack. There’s no doubt that it is one of the best on the counter dish drying rack in the market today.

If you’re looking for the best dish drying rack, a KitchenAid dish drying rack should be included in your options.

Finally, I got hold of this dish rack and for the purpose of reviewing, and I must confess that it is really worth the vibe and the hype.

Product Information 

Brand: kitchenaid dish rack|Dimension: 20.08 x 14.96 x 6.69 inches | Weight: 6.8 pounds| Body: stainless steel | Type: on the counter dish rack

This is one of the largest dish racks you can get for yourself or your family, unless if you’re looking for something bigger then you can go for these over the sink dish rack.

Kitchenaid dish rack review

Here is my review about the kitchenaid dish drying rack, and honestly this is an unbiased review. Mind I’m not promoting this product for Kitchenaid.


I’m starting this review with the body of the dish rack.

Kitchenaid dish rack body is made of a premium stainless steel, with a plastic utensil holder and a disc tray. I love the feel of the stainless steel body, and more especially the quality.

The stainless steel wire is pretty much thick and very strong. If you slid your dishes between the wires, it holds them upright and they won’t bend or move forward. a

Talking about cleaning the body of the KitchenAid dish rack, you will definitely not going to find it difficult at all.

I guarantee you that.

When the dish rack gets dirty, cleaning it is so easy. Maybe this is due to the fact the body is made of stainless steel or maybe because of how the product was built.

kitchenaid dish drying rack

This also includes the plastic utensil holder and the dish as well. However, I will recommend that you endeavor to wash the plastic parts of the dish rack always, or three times a week.

If it gets a lot dirty, you may find it a bit difficult to clean it, especially the utensil holder.

One thing I would like you to know is that you can’t wash the KitchenAid dish rack using the dishwasher. I tried it and it didn’t enter.

Or maybe it was my dishwasher.

But you can wash the utensil holder using the dishwasher. For me, I prefer using my hands and doing the cleaning.

Wouldn’t take me more than five minutes and I’m done with the cleaning.


Now let’s go to the features of the KitchenAid dish rack.

A dimension of 20.08 x 14.96 x 6.69 inches already shows you how large the rack is, but in terms of weight which is 6.8 pounds, is quite moderate for me.

All these three tiers or even two tier dish rack weigh more this.

Starting with the wires for dishes, there are up to fifteen of them. With the said numbers, it can hold up to thirteen dishes no matter the size and the weight of the dishes.

What I love most about the wires is that it holds the dishes upright, this is something I’ve never seen in any of them on the counter or countertop dish rack or even other dish drying racks out there in the market.

Holding the dishes upright makes it so easy for water to drilling down the dishes, and down to the dish tray.

On the other side are flat wires, you can use it for cups, bowls, cutting boards, pots, pans, etc.

I noticed that lots of KitchenAid dish rack users are using it to drain their pots, I tried it out and it didn’t work for me. The reason is that I have a large-sized pot, but for pans, it fits very well and really worked for me.

So if you have a small or moderate-sized pot, definitely you can use the KitchenAid dish drying rack to drain water from your pots.

So far I’ve tried putting ten bowls, along with six plastic cups, cutting board, oven rack, pans and they all fit into the dish rack with little space remaining.

Aside from kitchenware, you can drain your fruits and vegetables using the KitchenAid dish rack.

Moving over to the utensil holder, they are of three compartments. The two outer utensil holders are for spoons and forks, while the center one is for your kitchen utensils knives or other long cutlery.

The two outer compartments have a removable layer, but I prefer to leave the removable layer in order to hold the spoons, forks, and other small utensils without them falling into the compartment flatware.

The compartment is made of plastic, but very strong and durable. You can remove it and place it inside the KitchenAid dish rack if you choose to do so, or leave it outside of the dish drying rack.

kitchenaid dish rack

This helps a lot to create space or room for other kitchenware.

Moving on to the cup holder, they are seven in number. I love to hang my glass cups, and this includes my wine cups.

Looking at the wires, one might think it may not hold wine glass cups, but that isn’t true. I tried hanging the heaviest glass cup on the dish rack it didn’t fall. It was pretty much sturdy than it thought.

Moving onto the dish tray, I must say that it is not one of the best I’ve seen. This doesn’t mean it is very poor or bad.

But what I’m trying to say is that if water drains into the dish tray, it doesn’t move down to the tip and into the sink unless it is a large number of water drops.

Many a time I find myself pulling out the dish tray from the rack, and sliding it below the kitchen sink.

I prefer the simplehuman dish tray and the swivel Spout compared to the KitchenAid dish tray.

Finally the feet. I love the soft rubber anti-slip feet featured in the kitchenaid dish rack. It makes it not to slip or slide, it even scratch your kitchen counter.

I love how soft it is compared to simplehuman anti-slip feet.

You can move the soft rubber or plastic material from left to right or to the position you want it to stay. Mind you it isn’t removable like the simplehuman dish rack.

So far this is my candid review about KitchenAid dish rack, moving over to what I like about the rack, and also what I dislike about it.

What i like (Pros) 

1. The body : The stainless steel body of kitchenaid dish rack is one of the best I’ve seen in 2020. Look very premium and rust resistant wires secure items.

I Interviewed a user who have been using this rack for the past two and half years, i was surprised to see that there’s no rusting on the dish rack. In fact this was the main reason i decided to go get one for myself and family.

2. The seven cup holder: This is now becoming very popular and common in on the counter dish rack, but i rate kitchenaid dish rack over the others.

The wires are think in size, and very strong and durable. Aside from simplehuman wine glass holder, this is the best I’ve seen so far. No matter how heavy your cup may be, it will hold it very well.

No sliding or wobbling.

3. The soft rubber anti slip feet: This isn’t those common rubber feet you see in dish racks, this is different and quite unique.

When you place the dish rack on the kitchen counter, it hold onto the counter and wouldn’t slid a bit. It doesn’t increase the height of the rack just like simplehuman and other dish drying rack.

I just love kitchenaid dish rack thesoft rubber anti slip feet.

What i don’t like (Cons) 

So here are some features that i don’t fancy or like about the dish rack, they are as follows.

1. The dish tray: Like i said before, it isn’t one of the best I’ve seen, and at such price, i expected to see a good quality all round dish rack. But that isn’t the case with the dish tray.

I’m not saying it is bad or poor, but at times water doesn’t move down towards the tip and into the sink. May be this is because the dish tray isn’t slanting or i will say tilted.

It the water is pretty much, it drills down the tip and into the sink. However not all of them, there will be some remains.

I would have preferred the dish tray to be anti-residue hydrophilic coating. This causes water to spread so that the plastic tray dries more quickly and prevents residue buildup.

2. The utensil holder: I don’t know if i should say that generally, the plastic body of kitchenaid dish rack is way too poor for my like and for the price.

The plastic utensil holder is light and can easily break, expected it to be thick and durable but that wasn’t the case.

Price of kitchenaid dish rack

As of the time of writing this blog post, kitchenaid dish drying rack costs $59 in the market. Some may feel that the dish rack is overpriced, how can they buy a dish rack for such amount of money.

However, the truth is that it worth every penny of it.

I didn’t write this review for the sake of writing, but rather the worth and quality that comes with them on the counter dish rack. The only thing i didn’t like at all is the dish tray, but aside from the dish tray, it is a good on the counter dish rack.

kitchenaid dish rack is one of the best values for the money dish rack in the market today, i bet that you won’t regret buying the dish rack.

Maintaining kitchenaid dish drying rack

kitchenaid dish drainer

This is very important and i always state this, if you want your dish rack to last longer for you, then you should take proper care of it.

You may say what’s the need of taking care of my dish rack, i’ve other valuable things to take care of after all the dish rack is anti-rust.

You don’t come complaining that the rack rust within three months of usage.

Honestly as long as it is stainless steel body, with time it will rust. However, if you clean and dry it always, i can assure you that you’ll use it for good six years and wouldn’t see any bit of rusting on it.

I wash my dish rack three times in a week, after drying my dishes and cutlery, I don’t leave them inside the rack. I put them inside the kitchen cabinet or counter and dry the dish rack immediately.

By doing so, I prevent it from rusting.

Most people hardly wash their dish rack or even to dry it, and that ie very wrong. As long as there’s water on the racks, be rest assured that with time, it will begin to rust even if the body is well coated.

So to wash or clean kitchenaid dish rack, you’ll have to use a brush and detergent. After washing, use a soft cloth to dry it and this includes the dish tray.

Do I recommend kitchenaid dish drying rack? 

The answer is Yes.

Buy from Amazon

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That’s all I’ve to say on kitchenaid dish rack, but i can assure you that it is one of the best dish drying rack you can find in the market today.

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