Rubbermaid small dish drainer

Best rubbermaid small dish drainer review 2020

So I’ve got the Rubbermaid small dish drainer and for the purpose of a review.

One of the oldest brands of kitchen plate rack, and they are still much in the market manufacturing beautiful dish racks.

If you really fancy a beautiful in the sink dish rack, then you have to put this into consideration. It is one of the beautiful in the sink drying rack in the market.

I just got one for myself and for the purpose of Rubbermaid small dish drainer review.

Is the dish rack good or bad?

Does it really worth buying?

I’ve given out my answer at the end of this post, so continue reading.

Rubbermaid small dish drainer review

Rubbermaid small dish drainer

Product Information 

Brand: Rubbermaid

Dimension: 14.31 x 12.49 x 5.39 inches

Weight: 15.2 ounces

Body: stainless steel

Type: in sink dish rack/countertop drying rack

The Rubbermaid small dish drainer is one of the popular cheap kitchen racks, and suitable for a single person or a maximum of two persons.

If you have a large family, I’m sorry the Rubbermaid dish rack isn’t for you, you’ve got to go for something bigger.

Rubbermaid small dish drainer Design

Going by the design, I found it very simple but quite beautiful. It isn’t one of these sophisticated dish drying racks you can think of, just simple but nice design.

The rack itself is made of a stainless steel body, with medium size wires.

It is said to be anti-rust but on the look of things, I don’t think the stainless steel wire is that durable enough.

The product is said to be built-in Microban antimicrobial protection fights the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria to keep rack and dishes looking and smelling fresh.

The dish wires are okay but not that strong enough, depending on the size of your plates or dishes, you may experience a bit of slanting or not staying upright. Though this is very much common in dish racks.

Moving over to the utensil holder, it is quite okay and I love how deep it is and it is made of plastic.

Leaving it dirty might be difficult to clean or to wash, especially if you bought the white Rubbermaid small dish drainer.

I love the nonslip rubber feet

Rubbermaid dish rack

It elevated the rack or maybe I should say added extra height to the Rubbermaid dish rack.

This is very useful and important if you want to use the rack as an in the sink dish rack. It elevates the height and dishes won’t be touching the sink.

Generally, I love the simple design of the Rubbermaid small dish drainer though it isn’t among the best I’ve seen so far.

Rubbermaid small dish drainer Durability 

When it comes to buying a dish drying rack, or any product, durability is very important and essential.

How durable is the product?

Then in the kitchen dish rack, you’ll also add sturdiness.

How sturdy is the plate rack?

Buyers always ask this question and the truth is, no manufacturer will tell you that their products aren’t durable or sturdy.

It is only left for you to go through people review if there’s any at all.

So I’m helping you out on this very one.

How durable and sturdy is the Rubbermaid small dish drainer?

I rate it 7.5/10 and that’s the best I can give when it comes to durability and sturdiness.

The stainless steel wires aren’t that strong enough, look like something that might comes off in the long run.

Though I must say that the price tells you more about the Rubbermaid dish rack. At the time of writing this post, the price is $19.36 and that’s very cheap.

High-quality products don’t come cheap at all, the higher the quality, the higher the price will be.

So the Rubbermaid small dish drainer is very good and durable based on the price tag.

The Dimension

The Rubbermaid small dish drainer is measured at 14.31 x 12.49 x 5.39 inches, and this tells you that it is a small dish drying rack.

There are ten slots for dishes and on the other side is flat-surfaced, suitable for bowls and other kitchenware.

At least it can contain six small-sized bowls or cups, you can even place a cutting board or a pan.

I tried putting my pan on the Rubbermaid small dish drainer and was surprised that it fitted into it. At first, I thought it wouldn’t, but it did.

You can use the dish rack to drain water from fruits and vegetables, and I really fancy that a lot.

Moving to the utensil holder, it is large enough to hold many spoons and other cutlery, but I find it difficult to hold my knives.

The knives were too long for the Rubbermaid small dish drainer utensil holder.

Easy to clean 

Lots of buyers always ask this question.

Is the dish rack easy to clean?

Or probably difficult to clean.

What I want you to know that the stainless steel drying rack is usually easy to clean than the plastic ones.

Back to the question:

Is the Rubbermaid small dish drainer easy to clean?

The answer is yes.

Though you may find it a bit difficult to clean the utensil holder especially if it is dirty.

If you have the white one, you’ll be required to clean it every day or five times a week. Always endeavor to clean and dry the utensil holder when not in use.

This is applicable to the dish rack in general.

If you’re so lazy to always clean up your dish rack, I recommend you going for the Rubbermaid small dish drainer black.

You see where it is written anti-rust and you wouldn’t care to take good care of your rack, tomorrow it gets rust and you’ll start blaming the manufacturer for it.

If you really want your Rubbermaid small dish drainer to last longer for you, always endeavor to wash or clean it and also dry it when not in use.

This helps it to last longer and not to rust easily.


For those that love lightweight dish drying rack, inside sink dish rack is the best buy or you go for a collapsible dish drying rack.

All in sink dish rack and collapsible drying rack are lightweight, more especially the collapsible rack.

As Rubbermaid small dish drainer is in sink and countertop kitchen rack, the weight is just 15.2 ounces which is equivalent to 0.95 pounds.

With this, you’ve already known that the dish rack is pretty much lightweight and so easy to carry about.

Non-slip feet 

If you care to read some of my posts, you’ll see that I always talk about the nonslip feet.

It is very essential and compulsory if the rack is used for countertops or over the sink.

It helps to prevent scratching of the countertop or from slipping from the countertop. That’s why it is a must to have rubber feet for such a dish drying rack.

Here, the Rubbermaid small dish drainer can be used for countertop, and also for in sink dish rack, and it featured nonslip rubber feet.

The rubber feet added a few inches to the rack and which I really fancy a lot.

Dish Tray 

Rubbermaid small dish drainer

The dish tray, another essential item that should be provided in these racks; countertop, collapsible, and wall-mounted drying rack.

And the good news is that the dish tray is available on the Rubbermaid small dish drainer.

You don’t need to bother about buying one in the market, it comes along with the rack.

You want to use the rack as an in sink, you don’t need the dish tray. But if you want to place it on the countertop, you have to first place the dish tray and the rack on top of it.

Water drains into the dish tray.

If there’s too much water on the tray, remove the rack from the tray and drain the water into the sink.

Anti-rust body 

The rack is said to be anti-rust and by the look of things, I trust that to an extent especially with other people’s reviews.

I’m still new to the rack, though planning on giving it out, so I can’t really tell if truly it is made of anti-rust stainless steel wires.

But from people’s reviews, Rubbermaid small dish drainer seems to be anti-rust and I love that if it is true.

Nothing pains me more than buying a beautiful stainless steel dish rack and it rust within three months of usage.

Though everything depends on one’s usage and maintenance.

If you maintain your dish rack, it will for sure the last longer for you, and be it stainless steel, plastic, or wooden plate rack.

So far I really found the Rubbermaid small dish drainer impressive, and mind you, it comes in two ways.

There’s a small one, and also a large one.

Since you’re interested in the small one, you should go for it and I’ve already provided the link below this post using the amazon online store. You can check it out and also the current price though the rack is a lot cheaper compared to the others.

Do I recommend Rubbermaid small dish drainer? 

The answer is yes and it is value for money.

Check Price On Amazon

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That’s all I’ve for you on Rubbermaid small dish drainer bisque, use the link above, and check out the price on Amazon.

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